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What’s New for Auction 2020?

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Theme – The Land of the Rising Sun. Japan!

Silent Auction – We are condensing the number of Silent Auction items.

Classroom Projects – One project per grade level, available to bid on just after the silent auction. We can’t wait to see the one-of-a-kind creations!

Sign-Up Events – We have a few exciting new this year! Look for the sign-up boards during the Silent Auction.

Live Auction – We will have top-notch packages to bid on. A great mix of vacation getaways, amazing VIP meals, and exciting local outings!

Bidding Frenzies – During the Live Auction, we will also have a few Bidding Frenzies, fast paced opportunities to raise your paddle to win weekend getaways and amazing date nights! More details will be available on auction night.

Dessert Dash – Don’t leave early, we’re bringing it back! After the final bid is recorded, we will finish off the evening with delicious desserts from our local bakeries. Guests seated at each dining table decide individually how much money they are willing to pool together for the right to run and grab one of the delicious desserts from the dessert dash table. The auctioneer calls out the table number for the table with the highest total bid amount. That table’s Dasher gets to the dessert table as quickly as possible and selects a dessert. As the first runner has entered the open space between the tables and desserts, the auctioneer calls out the table with the second highest bid and so on. After the live auction it’s time to party dance and chat with old friends and family and hope meet a few new ones.

Raffle Tickets – We will not have an auction raffle for 2020. This will hopefully relieve the task of having to sell/ purchase all those tickets. If you are a family that has purchased your student’s tickets in the past, consider spending those funds on sign-up parties or other auction items this year!

General Event FAQ

• Who usually attends the auction? Our auction is a night of community building. All parents and guardians of All Saints School and Parish are invited to the event! It’s always a wonderful mix representing All Saints parishioners and parents, friends and family of the school!
• How do I buy auction tickets? All tickets are sold on our Auction Website. The Auction Website is now active, and you can purchase event tickets there (one ticket per attendee).
• Can I provide my credit card information ahead of time? YES! This is encouraged, to make auction night run smoothly. When you purchase your tickets, you can “vault” your credit card information. You won’t need to swipe your credit card on auction night. No standing in lines…
• Can I buy a ticket for my child’s teacher(s) or school staff member(s)? Yes! When you purchase your tickets on the Auction Website, you can add a $65 donation and email Carla Russ with the name(s) of teachers or staff that you are sponsoring!
• Can I invite friends or family whose kids don’t attend All Saints School? Of course!
• Are children allowed? No. As alcoholic beverages are served, this event is for adults only.
• What is the format of the event? 5:30PM Silent Auction doors open, drinks 6:45PM Silent Auction closes, 7:00PM Transition to main ballroom for dinner & Live Auction 7:45PM Raffles and Live Auction begin; 9:30PM Live Auction ends, after party begins; 11:00PM Event ends.
• What is the attire? Anything goes at our school auction! Some are dressed casually (it’s Portland after all), some get dressed up, and others show up in costume!
• Is the live auction dinner seating assigned? How do I request to sit with a specific friend? Each table seats 10 people. When you purchase tickets, there is an option to request the names of people who you’d like to sit with. Requests need to be submitted by February 21 to be honored. If you do not list any names, no problem! Our auction committee does our best to seat you with parents from your child’s same grade level! For new parents, this is a great opportunity to meet more All Saints parents!

Auction and Sign-Up Items FAQ

• What kinds of things are available at the auction? • Class Projects (Silent Auction): Led by parent volunteers, each grade level creates a one of-a-kind item.
• Sign-Up Parties (Auction Website & Silent Auction): A variety of events for parents and/or students. Check them out at the Silent Auction. This is where you’ll find events like the Father-Daughter Dance and Girls Almost Overnight! • “School is Cool” (Silent Auction): Fun school- related opportunities, including your student being Principal for the Day, Music Teacher for the Day, or Gym Teacher for the Day. You can also show your appreciation by winning “Teachers Day Off”…the winner picks the lucky teacher!
• Live Auction Packages: Refer to the “Live Auction” section under What’s New for Auction 2020
• Golden Ticket (Only 125 tickets are sold! One lucky winner will be randomly chosen at the
beginning of the Live Auction…the winner gets to choose any one Live Auction package!) Each ticket is $100. NOTE: GOLDEN TICKET WINNER MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.
• Tuition with a Twist Only 125 tickets are sold! One lucky winner will be randomly chosen to win school tuition for one student, for the 2020-20211 school year! Each ticket is $100. Winner does not need to be present to win.
• Can we bid on any auction items online? You can sign up for any Sign-Up Parties on the Auction Website. You will be able to purchase a few items online, including the Tuition With a Twist and Golden Tickets. Again, the Golden Ticket winner must be present to win.
• I cannot attend the auction, but would like to donate an item (or a gift certificate for a service) to the auction. How do I do that? We happily receive items even if you are unable to attend. Procurement forms are available in the office to donated tangible items for either the live or silent auction.
• I cannot attend the auction, but would like to donate money to the school. How do I do that? When you purchase your tickets on the Auction Website, click on the “Donate” button. Cash donations can also be made in the school office.

Thank you from All Saints School!