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Just A Thought Or Two . . .

April 9, 2014

Holy Week Offers Opportunities for Grace.

Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher, often told a story about a fireman.  Everyone is town loved this man.  He was well known for his kind and gentle ways.  He was the one they called when the cat was stuck in the tree or the toddler locked himself in the bathroom.  This fireman never gave stern looks or tried to act tough.

One day there was a big fire.  The fireman and his co-workers raced to the scene with their trucks loaded with hoses and ladders.  They rounded the corner and much to their surprise and frustration, they saw two hundred townspeople.  Each citizen was standing with a water pistol aiming at the fire.  In an almost synchronized fashion they squirted at the fire.

The fireman yelled, “What are you doing?  What is going on here?”

The mayor responded, “We all appreciate how much you help our community.  We decided to help out in our small way.”

Their favorite fireman said, “What?  This is crazy!”

The mayor looked puzzled.  “Well, we could have done more but we wanted to contribute at least a token of our appreciation.”

“You don’t know what you are doing,” shouted their friend.

The people nodded in agreement and continued to squirt their water pistols.

Their fireman friend screamed, “Get out of here!  This is not a party!  This is a FIRE.  A fire doesn’t need well-meaning people who come to make small contributions.  A fire is a place where people come to give their lives.”

On Sunday we begin the holiest of weeks.  It is not just another week.  It is not just another 168 hours.  It is Holy Week.  Holy Week – palms, washing feet, the miracle of bread and wine, forgiveness, a garden, denial, thorns, a crown, a cross, an empty tomb.  This isn’t a week for token appreciation.  This isn’t a week for small contributions.  This is a week to offer everything we have.  This is a week to give our lives.

Holy Week offers sacred time.  Holy Week gives us the time to reflect on the role Jesus Christ plays in our lives.  We are called to live in the moment and to be open to the graces that only Holy Week has to offer.  Now is our time to fine-tune beliefs, embrace Gospel values, and share our faith with those we love.

The story of Jesus Christ is the greatest love story ever experienced.  When we accept the power of the truth, we can begin to accept the miracle of God’s profound love and mercy for each of us.  Jesus doesn’t want token lives.  Jesus asks us to get involved.  This isn’t a part-time proposition.  There are plans to be made.  Do we show up next week with our water pistols or do we show up ready to participate in our salvation story?

Please come and pray with us: “Remembering Jesus Christ,” 2:00 p.m., Holy Thursday, April 17. Hosted by grades 7 and 1 at All Saints Church.