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Just A Thought or Two . . .

October 2, 2013

Heavenly Messengers Are Needed Today

We see them in paintings and on the walls of our churches.  We sing songs about them.  We recite prayers asking for their guidance and protection.  To those who are aware, angels are a daily reality.

The word “angel” comes from the Greek angelos meaning “messenger.”  Angels are recognized worldwide and exist in almost every religion.  These multi-talented beings bring the realm of heaven to those willing to accept their gifts.

We all experience angels in our own unique ways.  Angels work for God and help to create happiness by encouraging us to use our God-given talents.  Angels don’t control us because God has given us freedom of choice.  But when we are ready to transform our lives, the angels help us to find the unconditional love of God.

Autumn days are times of change.  The earth adorned in multicolored foliage readies us for a time of quiet and darkness.  Families prepare for inside activities sheltered from the cold.  It is providential that God’s people celebrate angel feast days in autumn.  Last Sunday, we celebrated the feast of the Archangels:  Michael, the leader and peacemaker; Raphael, the divine healer; and Gabriel, the messenger of Good News and creator of change.  Aren’t these symbolic needs of autumn people?  The angels await our heartfelt requests.  Autumn miracles originate in heaven and angels are our connections.

Today, October 2, is the feast of Our Guardian Angel.  Some people find it difficult to believe in something they can’t see.  Angels are like thoughts.  We might not be able to see them but we know they exist.  People of faith don’t have to see with their eyes.  People of faith intuitively know that angels communicate in creative ways.  Angels are the arrangers of coincidences.  The grieving neighbor you see in the grocery store, the quiet persistent nudge to call a friend, finding a missing object in a very unusual place, narrowly avoiding an accident and even miraculous healings are all the work our personal angels.

We live during complicated times.  We need all the help we can get.  Daily we can experience the coaching of these beings who inspire us to goodness.    John Sheerin said, “Happiness is not in our circumstances but in ourselves.”  Our angels are God’s happiness ambassadors that connect heaven and earth.

The continual care and the angelic blessings are truly autumn gifts.  Angels daily reveal the loving messages of our God.  We have been blessed and are grateful.

Due to Conferences there is no school Mass next week.  Please join us on October 16 when the 5A class hosts the liturgy celebrating St. Luke at 1:05 in All Saints Catholic Church.