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Just A Thought Or Two . . .

May 28, 2014

The Feast of the Ascension is a Feast of Hope.

The little voice filled the silent church.  “Grandma, why did Jesus have to go home to heaven?  I want Jesus to stay here with us.”  Many of us wished we could have heard her answer but the music started and the liturgy for the feast of the Ascension had begun.

To be honest, most of us have mixed emotions when we think about the feast of the Ascension.  On one hand, we can truly relate to the feeling of loss as expressed by the disciples and the little boy in the front pew.  On the other hand, we remember that the feast of the Ascension is about sharing in the joy of Jesus as He returned to heavenly glory.  The crown of thorns has been replaced with the crown of a King.

The simple truth is that no matter what our apprehensions may be, the Ascension is a feast of hope.  Jesus has taken His place at God’s right hand so that He can pour out the promise of the Father and the Holy Spirit upon His disciples.

Hope is a virtue that comes straight from God.  To hope means to place our trust in the promises of Jesus.  Hope is based on our living experiences with God.  The Act of the Apostles tells us, “As the disciples were looking on, Jesus was lifted up and cloud took him from their sight.  While they were looking intently at the sky, two men dressed in white garments stood beside them.  “Why are you standing there looking at the sky?”

On Thursday, the All Saints faith community will gather to celebrate the feast of the Ascension.  This feast reminds us that there is no time for standing around.  Jesus has returned home.  As part of the Mystical Body of Christ, we have the story of our Savior to share.  It is our privilege to make God’s presence known.  We are responsible for kind, loving behaviors.  We are responsible to serve one another just as Jesus taught us.  This 21st century world thirsts for inclusive, loving behaviors.

An anthropologist once asked a Hopi chief why so many of his people’s songs were about rain.  The chief replied, “Because water is so scarce.”  Then the chief asked, “Is that why so many of your songs are about love?”

Loving behaviors cannot be scarce during these last days of May or during any other time of the year.  Please come and pray with us on Ascension Thursday at 1:45 p.m. at All Saints Church.