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Just A Thought or Two . . .

October 19, 2013

Prayer Can Transform Our Lives

In Sunday’s Gospel from St. Luke, Jesus tells his disciples a parable about the necessity for them to pray always without becoming weary.  October days are busy and it is tempting to think that there just isn’t any time for prayer and we just let life happen.  During these October days we must get involved, give up passive observations and reconnect a relationship that offers a peace that is not of this world.

Paul Warton wrote about a young man who really wanted a job with a logging crew.  He spoke with the foreman.  The experienced logger asked him to cut down a tree.  The young man immediately felled a great tree.  The foreman was very impressed and asked him to begin work on Monday.

The young man showed up for work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  He thought that everything was going really well.  On Thursday afternoon the foreman said, “You can pick up your paycheck at the end of your shift.”  The puzzled young man said, “I thought we were paid on Friday.”  “That is true,” said the foreman, “but we are letting you go today because you have fallen behind.  Our charts indicate that you went from first place on Monday to last place on Wednesday.”

The young man tried to plead his case.  “I work hard.  I’m the first to arrive and even work through my breaks.”  The foreman shook his head and tried to make sense of the situation.  Then he asked, “Have you been sharpening your ax?”  The young man answered, “I’ve been so busy working, I haven’t had the time.”

Are we too busy to sharpen our ax?  October prayer is the hone that gives us the sharp edge we need.  Without prayer, our work becomes dull.  We need to take the time to stay sharp.  Prayer costs nothing but it is priceless.  Prayer has no calories, yet it is necessary for our spiritual health.  Prayer requires no specific dress code, time, or location.  Prayer takes a variety of forms but the results are similar.  Prayer turns pain into peace and changes fear into courage.

Some sing it.  Others write it or read it.  One might start the day with it, another might end the day with it.  Others do it throughout the day. Some do it alone while others prefer large group.  There is no right way or wrong way, but it is the way to a happier, healthier life.  Prayer is not an option but it is an essential.  Prayer actualizes the power within us.  Prayer brings heaven and earth together.

Sunday’s parable of the “persistent widow” is intended to teach us about prayer.  Prayer is meant to be a way of life.  Prayer can be woven through every minute of our lives.  The transformation of ordinary activities into prayer is the very essence of our inner life.  Every activity of our day can lead us to experience God.  Cooking breakfast, making lunches, car pool, workday activities, washing the dishes can transform our ordinary daily activities into the noblest of tasks.  It is possible to elevate daily tasks to spiritual exercises to draw us nearer to God.  This is how modern people, in the midst of busy lives, can seek and find God.

Some think we ask God for too much.  In truth, we ask God for too little.  Now is the time to turn to God for everything.  It is time to awaken hearts to a Divine grace that renews hope and joy.

Autumn is the season to sharpen our communication skills and refocus our dispersed thoughts.  We care called to prayer and consciously ask God to be part of every moment.  Any time of the day or night the lines are open.  With God we will never be put on hold.  There is no need for call waiting or last call return.  We don’t need WiFi or the Cloud.  God waits for us.  God is only a prayer away.

Please come and pray with us.

On Sunday, October 20, the 6th grade will host the 10:30 liturgy.

On Wednesday, October 23, the 5B class will host the liturgy celebrating our global family at 1:05 in All Saints Catholic Church

Please remember in your prayers the 7th grade class that is currently participating in their autumn retreat.