All Saints School
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This full-day program has a teacher/student ratio of approximately 1:11. The thematic curriculum approach includes Language Arts, Science, Math, Religion, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, and Spanish. Students must be four years old by September 1.

Please call our school office (503-236-6205) to schedule an interview or tour, and refer to the Registration Packet for current tuition information.

We Are Friends of the Earth: God made the world and everything in it. We take care of our things and everything God has created. We serve our school community by  following the three “R’s” (reduce/reuse/recycle).

We Are Peacemakers: We practice being members of a group; understand the need for and develop classroom rules; resolve conflicts with others in a peaceful, fair, and safe manner; develop empathy for those without basic needs; and respect cultural differences and similarities. God gave us His Son, Jesus. Jesus cared about everyone. We love others and reach out to others who need our help.

We Are Scientists: We recognize and identify living and nonliving things and the traits of plants and animals. We observe and discuss weather and seasons, explore how things move and change, and participate in hands-on exploration of our world.

We Are Readers and Writers: We discuss stories and texts in a group setting,  participate in group learning as active listeners and speakers, connect letter sequences in print to spoken words and language, draw, dictate, and/or use inventive spellings to narrate, explain, or give opinions. We write our names, uppercase letters of the alphabet, and simple messages.

We are Mathematicians: We count with understanding, assign number words and numerals to quantities, develop understanding of the relative position and value of whole numbers and ordinal positions, and explore and recognize 2D and 3D shapes. We begin to measure, sort and classify objects, and show awareness of time concepts and sequence.

Service Project: Friends of the Earth

Battery Recycling

About the Organization:

Recycling batteries as opposed to throwing them in the garbage reduces environmental pollution of air and water from the release of toxic heavy metals when incinerated or disposed of in unlined landfills. Since our Friends of the Earth have a long life ahead of them, this makes a lot of sense.

Tending the Pre-K Garden

About the Organization:

The Pre-K garden is located at the west side/entry to the All Saints parking lot. The garden is maintained throughout the year by the Pre-K students in connection with their general study of plant life.