All Saints School


2024-2025 Tuition Costs

  • True Tuition Cost: $12,904
  • PreK and Subsidized Kindergarten through 8th Grade Tuition: $9,270.80
  • Parish Subsidized Kindergarten through 8th Grade Tuition: $8170.80

Financial aid is available. Applications for tuition assistance are available online and must be completed by February 1, 2024.  We recommend families apply as early as possible. Click here for the Online Tuition Assistance Form.

Tuition assistance for qualifying All Saints parishioners is also available. Please contact the school office for more information.

Please note, All Saints School is able to offer a reduced cost of tuition (subsidized tuition) with fundraising and the All Saints Parish subsidy. The true cost of educating one child at All Saints School is $12,904 per child.

Additional Family Obligations

All Saints School community is created by families spending time together and supporting the needs of the school and parish with Service Hours (volunteer hours). We strongly encourage participation in classroom activities, community service projects, school committees, school and parish events, and other volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. The impact of these volunteer hours are invaluable and make All Saints a truly special school, parish and community. Click here for a list of example Service Hours volunteer opportunities.

  • 30 Service Hours are required, 20 of which are school volunteer hours and 10 are parish volunteer hours.
  • For families with a single custodial parent, 15 Service Hours are required, 10 of which are school volunteer hours and 5 are parish volunteer hours.
  • For those who need, there is an option to buyout Service Hours at $25.00/hour.

Additional family obligation is fundraising. All Saints hosts events throughout the year and provides other fun and easy ways to raise donations to support different needs of the school. One way All Saints raises money is with SCRIP (Substitute Cash Redeem In Person). Families buy store SCRIP from the school at face value, and then use it to pay for purchases. All Saints receives a percentage of the value of SCRIP sold.

  • $2000 of SCRIP from June 1st through May 15th is required. If you prefer not to purchase, you can “buy out” for $200, the amount the school would have received from your SCRIP purchases.
  • $150 per family of additional fundraising required yearly.