All Saints School

Third Grade

We strive to create an environment in which students feel loved, supported, and encouraged to grow.  Our classroom communities provide students with the opportunity to develop self-awareness as they cooperate and interact with others, while also strengthening the skills that promote self-efficacy and independence.  We take pride in our rigorous academic commitments, as well as our ability to harvest creativity and imaginativeness.



Third graders will focus on our mission to the world, as Catholic Christians, to learn about social justice and how to role model being a community that serves others. We will learn what Catholics believe, how Catholics worship, how Catholics pray and how Catholics live.


Math and Science

Our Math program was written specifically to address the Common Core State Standards and is based on critical foundation research and proven classroom results.

  • Understand multiplication and division of whole numbers
  • Fluently multiply and divide within 100
  • Connect area to multiplication and addition
  • Represent and interpret data
  • Fluently add and subtract within 1,000
  • Understand fractions as numbers
  • Solve time, capacity, and mass problems
  • Identify tributes of two-dimensional shapes
  • Solve perimeter problems

Third graders will explore three parts of science: earth science, life science and physical science.


Language Arts and Social Studies

Our language arts program integrates reading, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and phonics, writing and grammar. Throughout the week students rotate through various language arts groups or centers, each focusing on a different area or skill. We begin each week by reading the story of the week as a class. Each week, we focus on a specific comprehension skill and comprehension strategy. At the end of the week, students are assessed on comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling. For writing we concentrate on three areas: content and ideas; organization; and conventions. We explore various modes of writing: narrative; expository; imaginative; and persuasive.

  • Read age-appropriate text fluently
  • Build comprehension skills and strategies
  • Build concept vocabulary
  • Strengthen phonemic awareness and spelling skills
  • Become highly proficient across all modes of writing

Third graders will be learning about communities around the world, what shapes our land, aspects of community life, our government, citizenship, comparing regions of Oregon and the City of Portland.

Service Project: Caring for the Elderly

Laurelhurst Village

Laurelhurst Village (3060 SE Stark Street) provides a full range of senior living and skilled care options for elderly patients in the NE Portland community. With the spirit of hospitality, compassion, and a tradition of caring established by the Sisters of Mercy over 100 years ago, the Village provides residents with living amenities, personalized care, and support services. There are currently 66 residents in the assisted living facility.