All Saints School

Second Grade

Language Arts
  • Our second grade Language Arts curriculum is comprised of reading, writing, spelling, and grammar.
  • We focus on improving student reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Children work on becoming independent readers, and are encouraged to practice useful comprehension skills and strategies.
  • We focus on using the steps of the writing process to write stories and short reports.
  • We also focus on basic writing mechanics such as using complete sentences, capital letters when appropriate, and punctuation.
  • We continue to work on proper form and mechanics for D’Nealian Handwriting.

  • We use a series called Investigations 3. This is a very hands-on program, which uses manipulatives, centers, and various activities to cover the yearly concepts.
  • Second graders are expected to know their addition and subtraction facts through 20.
  • The main topics covered throughout this year focus on addition and subtraction of one and two digit numbers, and comparing and ordering whole numbers through 1,000.
  • Money and time are important math concepts in second grade, as well.

Social Studies
  • We learn about the rules and laws of the United States government.
  • We focus on the rights, roles, and responsibilities of being citizens in our community, as well as take a look at the resources humans use like shelter, clothing, food, and transportation.
  • The second grade also learns about how to read maps and locate places on a globe.

  • Students study plants and animals, as well as habitats and their features.
  • They also study units about the Earth, the sun and moon in space, weather, and energy and matter.
  • They also complete a unit about dinosaurs.


Service Project: Books Build Bridges

The Children’s Book Bank

About the Organization:

The Children’s Book Bank strives to improve the literacy skills of low-income children of all ages by giving them books of their own. To do this, The Children’s Book Bank collects, repairs, and packages used books. The books are then made available to families in need free of charge.