All Saints School

Uniforms & Policies

A full description and outline of uniform requirements can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

You can find a full line of approved attire at:

School Code – 12725

Global Schoolwear by Tommy Hilfiger
School Code: ALLS03
Detailed ordering instructions
Welcome Flyer

Lands’ End
School Code: – 900030370

Other vendors are acceptable for shirts, pants, shorts, and sweaters, as long as they meet the uniform requirements detailed in the student/parent handbook. Please remember, while there is great flexibility around outerwear for recess, non-All Saints sweatshirts or fleeces are not allowed during the school day.

Additional All Saints Branded Apparel and CYO Gear

Click here to visit the GearUp website where additional “All Saints” graphic apparel is available in kids and adult sizes. This site is also used to purchase All Saints CYO uniforms and gear.