All Saints School

Fourth Grade

Learning Goals

  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of math concepts.
  • Students will practice different writing techniques.
  • Students will develop lifelong learning skills.
  • Students will strive to be the best versions of themselves socially and academically.
  • Students will apply the teachings of Jesus to their social and academic lives.

Math and Science
  • Multiplication and long division
  • Percents, fractions, and geometry
  • Critical thinking
  • Reading scientific texts, hypothesizing, and scientific writing
  • Hands-on activities

Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Narrative, persuasive, and expository writing
  • Presentations and performances
  • The six tribal regions of Oregon
  • Lewis and Clark
  • Oregon government

Service Project: Feeding the Hungry

Mission: Hungry Helping Pack

The mission of the Oregon Food Bank (7900 N.E. 33rd Drive) is to eliminate hunger and its root causes…because no one should be without food. The approach is to bring the community together to provide food, education, and hope to our neighbors in need. They provide emergency food to people who are hungry through a cooperative statewide network of hunger-relief agencies, helping one in five households fend off hunger. OFB also leads statewide efforts to increase resources for hungry families and to eliminate the root causes of hunger by advocating for fair public policies, strengthening community food systems, and providing nutrition and garden education to help people become more self-sufficient and resourceful.