All Saints School


All Saints School provides a challenging academic curriculum that incorporates Catholic values and ethics. Our comprehensive program offers opportunities that meet a variety of students’ needs and learning styles.

The school’s curriculum emphasizes scope and sequence, providing benchmarks at each grade level from Pre-Kindergarten to Eighth Grade. In addition to the traditional disciplines of religion, social studies, language arts, math, and science, we offer art, music, physical education, Spanish, computer literacy, and library skills. The Honorable Philip T. Abraham Memorial Center includes an art room, music studio, and library, which further enhance our learning environment.

Creativity and appreciation for the arts are fostered by the students’ participation in exhibitions of their artwork, concerts, musicals, and assemblies. Children explore their creativity as they work with paint, charcoal, clay, and other media. They train their voices in music class and have the opportunity to take instrumental music lessons on campus. Our Christmas Concerts, Grandfriends Day, and Spring Concerts showcase their acting, singing, and performance talents.

All Saints has a special opportunity with students continuing their education from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. It gives them a consistent and seamless progression of education and diverse educational experiences, many of which are not available through traditional classroom instruction.

Students participate in experiences outside the classroom that coordinate with each grade’s curriculum. Our younger grades take field trips to see productions by Oregon Children’s Theater. The Third Grade students learn and perform the Portland Play, bringing to life their study of local history. The Fourth and Fifth Grade enhance their study of Oregon and the westward movement by doing parts of the Lewis and Clark Trail and with a visit to Astoria. The Sixth Grade attend Outdoor School to learn science while immersed in nature. The Seventh Grade students study beach ecology on a trip to Newport. 

The Eighth Grader’s years at All Saints culminate in a trip to Washington, D.C. They encounter U.S. history and geography up close and personal with visits to historical sites including Mt. Vernon, Ford Theater, Holocaust Museum, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Arlington National Cemetery, and The Smithsonian Institution. 

All Saints School also provides the opportunity for meaningful expressions of worship in the Catholic faith by sharing the involvement of prayer, weekly Mass and religious instruction with our community. The faculty and our parents commit to reinforcing our Christian value system by being role models, celebrating liturgical seasons, attending Masses, and participating in community service projects.



  • Understands the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Practices the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Serves others


  • Claims and uses God given talents and appreciates the talents of others
  • Shows respect for self and others
  • Makes responsible decisions


  • Demonstrates age-appropriate knowledge of learning activities
  • Perseveres in attaining realistic goals
  • Uses research skills, critical thinking skills and solves problems independently


  • Shares ideas with clarity and purpose using oral, written, and artistic communication
  • Engages in active listening and respectful questioning