All Saints School

Sixth Grade

In sixth grade, the students will learn:

  • To understand key people, cultures, products, events, and ideas over time, including the examination of different perspectives from various cultures.
  • To examine information to determine if it’s helpful to answer historical questions.
  • How to gather, interpret, document, and use information from multiple sources, distinguish facts from opinions, and recognize points of view.
  • To interpret documents and data from multiple primary and secondary sources (art, artifacts, eyewitness accounts, letters and diaries, real or simulated historical sites, charts, graphs, diagrams, written texts).
  • To know Catholic social teachings and to celebrate service as a privilege and a responsibility.


Language Arts and Social Studies

In these core subject areas we endeavor to learn:

  • about the origin of humans, Mesopotamia and Sumeria, ancient Egypt and Nubia, ancient and empirical China and India, the early Israelites and Judaism, ancient Greece, ancient Rome and the Roman Empire, and the rise of Christianity
  • To recognize and understand the meaning of words encountered in text and demonstrate comprehension of print material. Further, the students will connect texts to personal experiences and other printed material.
  • To write with clear and focused ideas, organization, fluent sentences and useful details. Students will write using proper grammar, sentence structure, and an assortment of descriptive words. Types of writing include short and long essays, summary writing, poetry, and personal narratives.
  • To share their thoughts with proper eye contact, composure, volume, and inflection.
  • To listen intently, give classmates a quiet moment to share, and show respect for the person and the message.
  • The characteristics of various literary forms and how literary elements and devices contribute to a  particular literary work.
  • How historical, social, cultural, and biographical contexts influence literary expression.

Science and Math

In these two subject areas we endeavor to learn:

  • Scientific processes (reasoning, measurement, and research skills).
  • Scientific content (writing with comprehension and correct spelling).
  • Integration of physical and life science concepts into Earth science.
  • Basic and new operations such as absolute value and exponents
  • To apply the order of operations rules to solve problems.
  • To use variables in expression equations and functions.

Service Projects:

Parish Prayer Cards:

Throughout various liturgical seasons, the 6th graders will create prayer cards to be shared with the parishioners of All Saints Catholic Church.

Honoring Veterans:

6th graders will make cards and write letters to soldiers who have served our country that will be distributed around Veteran’s Day.

Blessing Bags for the 100th Day of School:

6th graders will ask for donations from each grade level of items that can be distributed to those in need. They will decorate bags, fill them with the items, and the bags will be given to an area service organization.

Campus Beautification:

6th graders will work to keep the All Saints campus clean.