All Saints School



SCRIP (Substitute Cash Redeem In Person) is offered by several area stores as a fundraiser for schools; Fred Meyer/Quality Food Center (QFC), Safeway, New Seasons Market, and others participate in this program. Depending on the store, SCRIP is available in different denominations.

Buy store SCRIP from the school at face value, and then use it to pay for your purchases. You may get your change back in cash (although some stores limit the amount of cash back). All Saints keeps a percentage of the value of SCRIP sold. It’s an easy way to help the school while doing your normal shopping.


Every school family is expected to purchase at least $2000 of SCRIP from June 1st through May 15th. SCRIP is available in the school office. If you prefer not to purchase, you can “buy out” for $200, the amount the school would have received from your SCRIP purchases.

Scrip order forms are available in the office, or you may print out the SCRIP order form, fill it out, and bring it to the school office.  The SCRIP Form is located in the Forms & Documents page under School Forms.

For information about SCRIP availability, contact the school office:

Phone: 503-236-6205 Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm