All Saints School

Volunteering with Classrooms or Field Trips

Parents who have completed a background check, watched the CASE video, and finished Praesidium Academy are welcome to assist in the classrooms, library, and on field trips. Please connect with teachers directly to coordinate when and how you can help. There may be opportunities to assist with projects in the evenings, too. All volunteering hours can be applied to your annual Service Hours.

Parent Committees

All Saints School has a variety of committees that support the school and specific needs, programs or projects. The richness and vibrancy of our school and its community is dependent on time, energy and effort from parents. Committees can provide the opportunity for leadership and share your expertise for the benefit of the school and parish. They can also provide opportunities to get involved with a committee you are passionate about to further its goals, coordinate and engage with other parents, and put plans into action. The impact of volunteer on these committees is invaluable and make All Saints a truly special school and community

All committee meetings are listed on the Google calendar and are open to any interested parent (except finance which is selected by the principal). Committee and meeting participation is eligible for fair share hours.

School Advisory Council (SAC)

Our school advisory council is actively involved in advising the principal and the pastor on school policies. The council meets six times during the school year at 7:30 am to advise on the current and future needs of the school and parish, including finances, facilities and community building. In April, interested parents provide a paragraph of interest, and the existing SAC votes on new members to fill openings for the following year. Members serve a three school-year term, during which time they also serve and potentially head one to two subcommittees.  For more information, email

Parent Resource Committee (PRC)

All parents automatically belong to the parent association that is governed by the parent resource committee. The committee consists of a chair, a representative for each grade and at-large members. Each April, members are selected for the following school year, after submitting a brief paragraph of interest. PRC representatives are our school’s ambassadors, the primary source of communication from teachers and the front office to our parent community, communicating school events and raising awareness of opportunities and deadlines. They are also the official welcoming body for new parents, helping promote camaraderie among the grades with coordination of class parties, parent nights and teacher gifts. The committee meets bimonthly after morning drop off. For more information, email

Community Outreach Team (COT)

The community outreach team facilitates age-appropriate community service projects, providing a foundation of compassion, and giving our children a reflection of our Catholic values. (Service projects are organized for each grade and support their “theme for giving” by working with local non-profit organizations.) The committee relies on representatives for each grade as well as committee co-chairs. Members coordinate with outside agencies, parents, teachers and the parish. In April, representatives are selected for the following school year after submitting a brief paragraph of interest. For more information, email


The finance committee meets three to four times a year to address the school budget and make recommendations for operating expenses. Finance committee members are selected by the school principal, as this is the only closed meeting. Members have financial expertise and are sometimes current or past SAC members. For information, email


The school has several fundraisers each year. The overall development committee, headed by the vice principal, meets multiple times a year. Additional volunteer options abound, with a kickoff meeting held in November. For more information, email

Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learners, typically headed by a SAC member, meets three times annually to focus on enriching student curriculum with arts, languages and other after school or co-curricular programs, including OBOB and the Science Fair. This group also works closely with the school around technology. To be part of this effort, email


The school safety committee, typically headed by a SAC member, meets multiple times a year to assess and address school safety practices and enhancements. The committee also works with neighborhood emergency partners and CPI to educate our school community. For more information, email


The facilities committee, typically headed by a SAC member, meets multiple times a year to assess and address school property maintenance and facility updates. To be part of this effort, email

Catholic Identity

The catholic identity committee, typically headed by a SAC member, meets multiple times a year with our parish priest to coordinate opportunities bridging the school and parish. Focus includes CYO, family and class masses, as well as the annual parish picnic. To be part of this effort, email

Volunteering with Programs and Clubs

Art Literacy

The art literacy program is a biannual program that introduces art and artists to students in every grade, via committee co-chairs, grade representatives and in-class project volunteers. Interested parents are briefed on the art/artists and provided a suggested lesson plan to support a specific art project in the spirit of the original art. The final works are showcased in the spring. There are two meetings for interested parents in fall and spring. For more information, email


To volunteer with the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) as a coach or in another capacity, email

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

OBOB can only happen with the help of many volunteers. Parent team leaders register their student team members, and help the team prepare with meetings or study sessions. They also make sure there is an adult present to support and supervise the team during the school battles. 

Parent volunteers are also needed to help run the school battles as Moderators, Scorekeepers, Timekeepers and other event support positions.

Information and opportunities will be listed in Parent Resource weekly emails in the months leading up to the event. For questions, please contact (Please note that this email address is primarily monitored September through March.)

All Saints School Science Fair

In the spring, All Saints hosts an annual Science Fair where all students will have the opportunity to work with the scientific method and create a project for the fair. The Science Fair is supported wholly by volunteers – family members with experience, some expertise or enthusiasm for science as well as any parent who would like to support the various needs leading up to and at the fair event. Information and opportunities will be listed in Parent Resource weekly emails in the months leading up to the event.  For question, please contact