All Saints School

Physical Education

Curriculum/Goals for Early Grades

Introduce and develop motor skills necessary to enhance the coordination and confidence of our young students.  Students are at all levels and will get the chance to succeed at the tasks given. It is not all work; there will be plenty of time for Hula hoops, jump ropes, and various tag games.

Curriculum/Goals for Mid-Level Grades

At the elementary level, we continue to fine-tune motor skills. We will introduce “fitness” as a part of a regular routine.  Students will begin class with a jump rope progression and a few exercises so that they understand how important it is to stay fit. At the elementary level, we will also begin to play team sports and cooperative games.

Curriculum/Goals for Middle School Grades

Health and fitness are the main goals of our physical education program.
Students will showcase their participation in individual and team sports. Furthermore, All Saints students will learn the rudiments of team play, the rules of engagement, and have the opportunity to demonstrate good sportsmanship.
We have a wide range of abilities and all of our students help each other to prosper.