All Saints School

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, the students will learn:

  • To experience a gradual increase in independence and responsibility, in order to prepare them for success in Middle School.
  • The Sacraments and the parts of the Mass.
  • To spread God’s love by being active members of the community through volunteering and collecting clothing for those in need.

English and Social Studies

In these core subject areas we endeavor to learn:

  • To read and comprehend fiction and nonfiction.
  • To use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • To write multiple paragraph essays, proofread, and make revisions.
  • How the three branches of the federal government work.
  • United States geography and history.

Math and Science

In these core subject areas we endeavor to learn:

  • To use decimal models, fractions, and common percents.
  • To apply concepts of place values and the properties of operations to solve long division.
  • To develop a model to describe the the movement of matter among plants, animals, and decomposers.
  • To make an examples of patterns that could include the position and motion of Earth with respect to the sun and selected stars.
  • To generate and compare multiple possible solutions to a problem based on presented information.

Service Projects:

Northwest Children’s Outreach Center

The Northwest Children’s Outreach Center is a faith-based, non-profit organization that helps families in the Portland area. They help fill the needs of these families by collecting and providing necessities including diapers, clothing, formula, blankets, toys, infant care products, and much more. Their organization is 100% volunteer-run, so all donations go straight to the families who need them.

Project Lemonade

Project Lemonade’s mission is to inspire self-esteem in foster youth. They provide foster youth with a back-to-school shopping experience and offer support to inspire self-esteem and promote success. Each August, youths ages five to 20 “shop” for free back to school clothes. Since 2012, Project Lemonade has served over 3,000 foster youths from Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties. Project Lemonade is run entirely by volunteers.