All Saints School

Spanish: Pre-K – 5th

The goals for Spanish language classes at this level are to broaden the student’s understanding of the Spanish language, enhance their awareness of the world’s diversity, give them confidence to express themselves in a new way, and prepare them for future language learning.
At each grade level students will practice and build on previously acquired knowledge. Students follow directions, sing, answer questions, listen to stories, and play using their new Spanish language skills.
Topics covered every year include:

  • The Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Greetings
  • The Calendar
  • Hispanic Culture and Celebrations
  • Hispanic People of Significance

The following topics are covered on alternating (A/B) years:
A Years:

  • The Weather/Seasons
  • Emotions/the Body
  • Clothes
  • School/the Classroom
  • Animals
  • Adjectives/Shapes
  • Transportation

B Years:

  • Family & Pets
  • Food (Likes & Dislikes)
  • The Home & Furniture
  • Actions (verbs)
  • Community & Professions
  • The Environment & Geography