All Saints School


All Saints School and Parish sits on a two-acre campus in the beautiful, historic Laurelhurst neighborhood. It is conveniently located on the corner of Cesar Chavez Blvd. and NE Glisan St. and easily walkable with quiet residential streets and tree lined sidewalks.

The primary school building houses all grades, Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. It is a three story building with two classrooms for every grade level as well as administrative offices. 

Attached to the primary building is our school gym where PE classes, school assemblies, science fair, concerts, plays and sporting events take place.

All Saints is also home of our school mascot, “Ramsey” the ram. There is no better cheerleader than our dressed mascot at school events! 

Among many of the school improvements and additions throughout the years was the construction of The Honorable Philip T. Abraham Memorial Center in 2015. This is the home of the parish administrative offices as well as the school library, music studio, and art room. 

Another recent addition to the campus is the Pavilion meeting space. A beautiful glass building that opens to gardens on both sides, it provides an inspiring place for both parish and school meetings, class or parent gatherings, community service projects, and events. 

The school playground includes basketball and kickball courts and features a newly installed system of play structures. Students enjoy the freedom of play during recess as well as large, outdoor space for school events such as the Halloween Parade and Jog-a Thon. It is also often where parents meet and socialize while waiting to pick up students after school.

All Saints’ beautiful campus is more than its buildings and grounds. It is a community of families and caring people in a calm atmosphere of hope, where buildings and gardens enhance the spirit.

We welcome you to All Saints School and invite you to explore the campus that our community and parish has created.