All Saints School


All Saints School sits on a two-acre campus. Through its eighty-year existence, the campus has united its parish and school buildings. The main school building strikes a majestic pose as it faces Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Completed in 1938, it has had several additions that have been architecturally designed by Ken Paulsen to provide a consistent aesthetic that speaks to the unity of design and purpose.

Through the years, the School Advisory Council and the parish have planned and paid for these additions. Thus, through the generosity of our community, the main school has a full gymnasium (1983), a new school portico (2000), and three new classrooms (2000). After continued enrollment growth, we added a greenhouse, computer lab, and office spaces (2007). To further enhance our learning environment, we added a Pre-Kindergarten room and a science lab (2012).

It was clear to our constituents that the convent building on Coe Circle for many years was beyond repair. Furthermore, it was no longer legally possible to upgrade the old rectory to new building standards for office space. Thus, in 2015, the convent building was removed so that the The Honorable Philip T. Abraham Memorial Center could be built. This included a new parish office as well as a library, music studio, and art lab. These spaces rounded out our School Advisory Council’s vision for a classroom/lab for every teacher and a beautiful learning environment for our students.

With this vision accomplished and the parish approaching its hundredth year, we are about to realize a dream of renewal by adding gardens and a pavilion for use by school and parish to the available land between the church and The Honorable Philip T. Abraham Memorial Center. This last buildable space will provide community unity for people seeking a contemplative moment in the gardens or a shared experience in the pavilion.

This beautiful campus on the corner is more than its buildings and grounds. It is a community of families and caring people who share a vision for our children’s future in a calm atmosphere of hope, where buildings and gardens enhance the spirit.

We invite you to explore the environment that our community has created and we welcome you to All Saints Parish and School.