All Saints School

Seventh Grade

In seventh grade, the students will learn:

  • To claim, develop, and share God-given talents, and appreciate the gifts of others.
  • To continue to develop strong reading strategies, study and writing habits, and oral presentation skills.
  • To use technology appropriately and effectively as productive digital citizens.
  • To recognize needs in their community and to make a difference by volunteering their time and resources.

Language Arts and Social Studies

In these core subjects, we endeavor to learn:

  • How to integrate technology with traditional texts in language arts and social studies.
  • About traditional authors (including Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, and Robert Louis Stevenson) as well as contemporary authors who encourage students to make personal connections with a text.
  • About the diverse cultural, economic, and political history of the ancient world.
  • How to write effectively using appropriate grammar, smart word choices, and varied sentence construction.
  • How to conduct academic research, identify authoritative sources, write MLA citations, and integrate information into a cohesive written document.
Math and Science

In these core subjects, we endeavor to learn:

  • Scientific processes (reasoning, measurement, and research skills).
  • Scientific content (writing with comprehension and correct spelling).
  • Integration of Earth and life science concepts into physical science.

In Religion We Are Called to Discipleship

The seventh-grade religion classes participate in the Service Learning Project “Called to Discipleship” during Lent. Working in small groups, students choose an organization to support. They identify a need, formulate a plan of action, implement the plan, and evaluate the plan. They then share their project with the school and service community on Service Sunday. This project is designed to help students understand the call of service in the Gospel, the principles of Catholic social justice, and for them to use their God-given talents.