All Saints School

Just A Thought Or Two . . .

February 13, 2014

All Talents Are Needed

A friend called and asked if I had a copy of the story, “The Man in Charge of the Water.”  I searched my brain and my files.  Oregonians know all about water.  Why didn’t I know the story about who was in charge?  Then I asked my students.  They immediately knew.  It wasn’t “The Man in Charge of the Water.”  It was Peter Marshall’s story, “The Keeper of the Spring.”  This story has a timely message.

An old man lived high in the Alps above an Austrian village.  The village council had hired him to keep debris away from the pools of water that fed the stream that brought water to the village. Every morning the old man went about his tasks.  He cleared all the silt and removed the leaves and branches.  Due to his special care, the crystal clear water flowed into the village.  Graceful swans swam in the water and villagers gathered to hear concerts and eat picnic dinners along the banks.

Year after year the old man faithfully performed his duties.  One night, at a council budget meeting, a councilman noticed the small amount being paid to the “keeper of the spring.”  One of the council member asked, “Why do we need him when our water is so clean and beautiful?”

Everyone on the council agreed to use the money for another cause and voted to dismiss the old man.  During the bright summer days, no one noticed anything unusual.  By autumn, as the trees shed their leaves, they started to clog the mountain pools.  The former crystal clear waters turned darker and darker.  Then a slimy film covered sections of the water.  The water was beginning to smell funny.  The swans and the visitors left the village.  The health of the villagers and the economy of the entire village were now in danger.

The council met to discuss the matter.  They hired back the old “keeper of the spring.”  Within a short time, the beautiful stream came back to life.  In time, the swans and the visitors returned.

The “keeper of the spring” had a job that seemed insignificant to the village council.  However, when he wasn’t around, the village suffered.  In the very same way, each member of this faith community is part of the body of Christ.  All members are needed.  All talents must be shared.

The “keeper of the spring” was “the man in charge of the water.”  Each one of us in charge too.  We are in charge of our God-given talents.  The body of Christ is united.  If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it.  If one part is honored, all the parts share its joy.   During these February days when we celebrate Oregon’s birthday and Valentine’s Day may we remember that no task, no person is insignificant.

Please come and pray with us: Sunday, February 23, the 5th grade and Pre-K will host the liturgy.