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Thanks for Supporting All Saints Lenten Service Projects.

April 9, 2015

Here is a Report of Our 2015 Fundraising.

Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl: $3,000.00 Project Planners: Tiana Abraham, Jack Ayres,  George Laber, and Shawn Simmons.

The Crib Project: A crib full of diapers, clothes, etc. Project Planners: Molly Peterson, Isabel Petruzelli, and Amelie Stoddard.

Project Lemonade: Boxes of jeans and socks for foster children. Project Planners: Grace Hershey and Isabella Wallace.

“Dollars for Desks”: $894.70 for desks in northern India. Project Planners: Christine Bynum, Matthew Groshong, and Nate Wiggin. Special thanks to the donor who matched our $447.35.

ARC: Boxes of clothes, shoes, and games. Project Planners:  Jack Jarrard and Andre Mena

Book Bank: 3 boxes of books for children. Project Planner: Emmie Wuest.

Humane Society: Donations of food, leashes, and supplies. Project Planners: Jami Leeper and Emily Niebergall. Charlie Wallace volunteers on Fridays and donated $84.00 for making dog treats. Logan Fisher sold dog treats and donated $216.00 to the Humane Society.

Family of Friends: Big sister to a six-year-old girl. Project Planner: Maria Sanger.

Catholic Charities: Supporting our Christmas refugee family. Project Planner: Anna Peterson.

Providence Easter Party:  Fifty members of this community hosted the Easter party at Providence Child Care Center for Medically Fragile Children. Project Planners: Mitchell Mason, Ellie Rees, and Hannah Roy. Special thanks to the Rees family for all the donations and creative ideas.

Special Olympics: Coaches for developmental team Project Planners: Gaige Ainslie and Dylan MacCallum.

Sandy Project:  Multiple boxes of clothes and shoes for twenty-five homeless families in a local school. Project Planners:    Emrie Langfeldt, Abi Schline, and Allie Watson. Special thanks for the donation of the new jeans and shoes.

Honduras Orphanage:  Boxes of diapers and baby clothes/supplies. Project Planners:  Audrey Gingras and Nina Pham. Special thanks to our guest speaker representing the orphanage.

Martha and Mary Ministries, Ministry to the Dying: Project Planners: Claire DeBarro and Elise Joseph. Completed the orientation and visited/entertained the residents. Project Planners:  Sam O’Leary and Cameron Truong. Collected dinner items and donations for the garden.

Love Rocks: Remembering those in heaven. Project Planners:  Jamie Hartnell and Lilli Moore. Sold “Love Rocks Kits” and made Love Rocks with classmates.

Oregon Dog Rescue and Paw Team: Animals in need Project Planners:  Amelia Wilson and Charlie Steuer. Collected supplies and volunteered.

Homeless Project/Downtown Chapel: Socks, food, and water for those in need. Project Planners:  Jaden Fulsher, Taylor Marks, and Charlie Medak. Fourth grade donated 120 Mission Hungry Packs to this project.

Geek Squad: Collected electronics and volunteered. Project Planners: Eddie Peterson and Dylan Varga.

Graffiti Removal: Beautifying Portland Project Planner: Aidan O’Kelly.

Change My Heart: Collected money for heart research. Project Planners:  Finn Mooney and Sean Ryan. Collected $149.00.   Still collecting donations.

             *All Saints class service projects will report in May.