All Saints School

Welcome to All Saints

Whether it’s your first child going to All Saints or your last, we’ve got great things planned for you! Transition can be tricky, and the craziness of the past two years hasn’t helped. But we’re here to make your transition into All Saints as easy as possible! We are extremely excited to welcome you, and your family, to the All Saints community!

Below are resources to answer every question you or your student might have to feel fully equipped for success at All Saints!

~The New Family Orientation Team

All Saints School Contacts

Main office: 503-236-6205

Address: 601 NE Cesar E Chavez Blvd, Portland OR 97232

Business Office: 503-232-4772

All Saints Extended Care (ASEC): 503-314-9398

Parish: 503-232-4305

Have another question? Contact us!

2022-2023 Parent Resource Committee (PRC) Representatives

PRC Reps are the primary source of communication from teachers and the front office to our parent community. You will receive weekly emails from your grade representative and you may feel free to contact them, or the Chair, with any questions.

Chair: Sarin Jervis –

Grade Level Reps:

School Google Calendars

To stay up to date on all things All Saints, subscribe to our school google calendars! We have (2) Google calendars to keep you updated. Visit our school calendar page to learn more and subscribe. 

School Uniform & Policies

The All Saints School uniform was designed to foster school pride and school community. Students should arrive at school with their hair neatly groomed and clean.  All uniform clothing should fit in a neat and tidy manner and be free of holes. All faculty and administrators are responsible for determining what is and isn’t appropriate regarding the student dress code.

To learn where to purchase school uniforms and other specific policies, visit our Uniform Policy page here!

Fair Share Hours

All Saints is excited to welcome parents and family members back to our community! Each family has the opportunity to complete 30 hours of “fair share” hours to help our community flourish. There are a  plethora of ways to accomplish this, some of the most common are:

  • All Saints Oktoberfest (9/29/23)
  • All Saints Move-a-thon (5/17/24)
  • All Saints Parish (contact Kristine Gottsch,
  • All Saints organizations (ex: Dad’s club, Art Literacy)
  • Chaperone class field trips
  • In the classroom opportunities (see below)

Help All Saints Earn Donations

Help All Saints earn donations when you shop at the places you normally shop! Earn donations for All Saints at Fred Meyer and Office Depot. Learn more here!


Scrip (gift cards for local stores such as Fred Meyer, New Seasons, and others) is available for purchase by turning in a completed order form. Each family has a $2,000 SCRIP purchase obligation (or a $200 buyout) for the school year. A current order form can be found in the school office or through the Order SCRIP Quick Link on the homepage found here. Contact Esther  at 503-236-6205.

Volunteering with Classrooms or Field Trips

Parents who have completed a background check, and finished Armatus Training are welcome to assist in the classrooms, library, and on field trips. Please connect with teachers directly to coordinate when and how you can help. There may be opportunities to assist with projects in the evenings, too. All volunteering hours can be applied to your annual Fair Share obligation (15 hours per parent).

Visit our volunteering page for more details!

School Hours & Drop off and Pickup Details:

Grades: Pre-8

  • Start time: 8:15am
  • Pick-up time 3:15 pm:   (except Weds—2:15pm)

For the most up-to-date details about drop-off procedures, visit our Drop off and Pickup page here!


Please email and/or call the main office if your student is absent.

All Saint School: RenWeb ParentsWeb

RenWeb’s ParentWeb is a private and secure parents’ portal that allows parents to view academic information specific to their child(ren), the school directory, and record volunteer hours while protecting their children’s information from others.

To create a new account, click here and get started! You MUST use the same email address you provided to All Saints during registration. Available ~1-2 weeks after school starts!